My first official blog post, so decided to give you a bit of an introduction about how this all started - 

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to work for myself. After opening up my own Real Estate Brokerage, there were a couple different opportunities, but nothing really stuck. One random day in early 2017, my then boyfriend, now husband and I were throwing around some ideas for me to try out, and briefly brought up candle making. We placed a small order on Amazon for the necessary supplies - soy wax, appliances, wicks, etc. - and started our first couple batches. 

Keep in mind that at this point, I had maybe bought 10 candles my whole life, all within the last couple years, all soy, and all locally made by very talented candle makers in Southern California, so when we decided to possibly move forward with this, I knew I had to add something in order to stand out - GOLD!

That started our 6-month science project where we worked on perfecting our beautiful candles, picking out a wide variety of fragrances for everyone, and building our social network before officially launching in August! Since then, I've been fortunate enough to have the enormous support of everyone - from my family, friends, fitness community, real estate community, and everyone in between.